Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Emma antics

DH is out of town so our morning routine is a little bit different. I usually get up and feed and potty the girls and then head out to the gym while the girls go back to bed. Today, they hung out with me. I had my core work on the workout schedule for today so I did that before going to spin class.

Hannah is aware that when I get on the floor to play with the balance ball and do crunches, etc., I am no fun. She comes and sniffs me from time to time to make sure that I am OK but otherwise, let's me get my workout done. Emma is very much a daddy's girl and if he is around, she focuses on him. This morning Emma kind of stood and watched me. When I got my obliques -- crunches with a twist -- Emma was pretty sure that I was suggesting that we play. She started to jump up and down and play bow and kiss me and left in a huff when I did not respond appropriately!

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