Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bike for Beer

After getting home at 1 am this morning, I met up with the Slow Spokes for a Bike for Beer event at the Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs. I started with a group of six and ended up in a group of two but it's all good. I think that my legs were still on Las Vegas time! I rode just over 42 miles and averaged about 17.6 mph and then met up with DH who had been mountain biking at Harris Lake. He brought sandwiches and we had a bite before taking the Saturday tour and purchasing some winter porter for home consumption!

DH ran into our friend Stan out at Harris Lake. That was really unexpected since Stan is more of a road cyclist. Stan also came to the brewery for the tour. He said that he was giving mountain biking a whirl. He has a used mountain bike with no suspension at all. DH offered to meet up with Stan so he could try suspension.

In addition to meeting up with Stan, we had expected to see DH's friend Spook. He was on the Slow Spokes ride with a different pace group than I was in and we saw his car but we did not see him in the brewery. He must have skipped the tour which seems kind of silly since that was the more social part of the event. Oh well...

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