Monday, November 12, 2007

Dieting for Dogs

Someone recently posed a question to a a Labrador retriever related e-mail list that I follow. I'm finding the thread to be highly entertaining.

Q: My black lab male 4 yo and neutered is obese and I am searching for information how to lose weight. Any suggestions?

A: Easiest way to take weight off the dog is to feed less and give more exercise.

A2: I'd also like to add that you might consider using baby carrots as treats

A3: If you are certain there is no underlying medical issue (thyroid for instance) then simply reduce how much you are feeding.

It all sounds way too familiar to those of us who have changed our way of eating! Eighty pounds ago, that could have been me. Eat less, exercise more, have a carrot.

I wonder if the dog fixes his own meals?

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