Saturday, November 3, 2007

Viva Las Vegas - Part 3

The Plan: Badger Pass Loop at Cottonwood Canyon to Deadhorse Loop (keeping left the whole time) to the Tank -- view of Vegas and downhill back to the car at the NV 160 trailhead. May pass the turn to the car and do the beginner loop to add miles.

The MTB plan went slightly awry but turned out OK. We parked at the trailhead off NV160. The trailhead was labeled and there was a parking lot and ATV road. Based on the signage in the parking area, we thought that we were supposed to follow the road to the trail but no, apparently not. The unpaved road led to the same overlook as the mountain bike trail and we ended up taking what I will euphemistically call a road all the way to the overlook. We stopped at the overlook and took some pictures before taking Deadhorse Loop back. When we were actually on the trail, it was pretty well marked. Loose gravel in dry stream beds and loose, fist sized stones, not so nice. Good view of Vegas from the overlook.

Mileage = 10.77
Ride time = 2:40, few stops other than overlook

After the dropping off the bikes, we stopped at Hofbrahaus. DH had a half liter of the dunkle as practice for Bike for Beer on Saturday.

On our way to Las Vegas, we talked to someone who lived there and she recommended that we try the haunted themed thing at Circus Circus as a Halloween themed stop. We stopped there and it turned out that we had missed the haunted whatsit in the Adventuredome but I decided that I needed to bet on the Hurricanes (I had a bad feeling, I shouldn't have done it) so I placed a $5 bet and we decided to see the circus act while we were there. It was OK. The highlight was a woman being swung by her hair. Weird. I must say that the two women in the show had great abs. The hotel kind of smelled and DH thanked me for not having him stay there!

We cleaned up and had dinner at the Spice Market after doing reconnaissance at Mandalay Bay where Burger Bar and Border Grill looked like possibilities. The Spice Market was much more my speed that The Buffet at Wynn.

The Spice Market was good but we agreed that it was better in the past. Still, we'd go back. The Middle Eastern section of the buffet was fantastic and the bread pudding was great. My service at Spice Market was actually better than it was at the Wynn. I'm sure that if you're a big prime rib fan, Wynn would be better. The shrimp and crab legs were bigger at the Wynn and the pasta and breads were better there but I still think that I prefer Spice Market.

After eating, we did some Halloween people watching on the Strip. I don't have a "best costume" in mind but the most creative one was Dick Head. You figure it out.

DH -$22.00
Me -$3.35 (after the Hurricanes loss)

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