Saturday, November 3, 2007

Viva Las Vegas - Part 5

The flight leaves at about 3 pm

I walked before breakfast again. DH suggested the buffet so we did that again. I still love those cheese blintzes!

The Plan: Park at Caesar's and us the Casino Royale $50 slots coupon. Find lunch and head to the airport.

Stupid trip to Casino Royale. No time to shop at Caesar's which is something that I kind of wanted to do. That was annoying since there I said that I wanted to (1) pastry and coffee at Bellagio, (2) browse at Caesar's and (3) chocolate banana at Mermaids. I skipped the banana which was my choice and I'm disappointed about the other two.

We had lunch at Spago. I wasn't hungry. DH apparently really wanted the pizza. He was somewhat disappointed that the four cheese pizza is no longer on the menu and that the mussels are gone too. He ordered a pepperoni pizza. Then he said that he wasn't that hungry -- which is understandable because I certainly wasn't hungry! -- and he offered to share some pizza with me. The service at Spago was very good, as was the pizza.

Final score
DH -$14.65
Me +8.50

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