Thursday, November 15, 2007

Emma channels PW

Emma The Love Sponge had some complaints about the weather yesterday. She had been very very happy with the cooler temperatures and, in her humble opinion, 78 was just too warm. In the living room, watching the Hurricanes not do so well, she was laying on her back with her tummy exposed for maximum ventilation. When we went upstairs, though, it was another story. She got on the Big Bed and when DH ask her to get off the bed, she pulled a PW -- she scootched over.

The scene: [DH turns enters the bedroom and turns off the light. Emma is on the Big Bed and Hannah is on her dog bed.]

DH: Off

Emma: [Thinks ah ha! It's dark and he can't see me. Scootches over.]

DH: [Pushing Emma] Off

Emma: [Thinks fine. Whatever. Jumps off the Big Bed.]

Penny, aka PW, was a black lab that was in residence before Emma's time. Penny added a lot to the dogdom lore in our household. She taught many things to Hannah that will be passed down from dog-in-residence to dog-in-residence. Some of the her most important additions to the lore:
  • The don't get on the furniture rule really means don't get on the furniture when the people are around.
  • Off can sometimes mean scootch
  • Black dogs cannot be seen in the dark
Emma has recently embraced the Don't Get On the Furniture rule with PW's modification -- blond hairs have been spotted on the navy blue sofa -- and she is attempting to use a combination of Off Means Scootch and Black Dogs Can't Be Seen rules. As you can tell, though, golden retrievers aren't black. That's gonna be more difficult for her to pull off.

PW, we miss you!

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