Saturday, November 3, 2007

Viva Las Vegas - Part 2

The Plan: St. George, UT where we will ride Bearclaw Poppy and create a loop with some other trails.

On Tuesday morning, we drove to St. George, Utah, about two hours from Las Vegas. We rode the Bearclaw Poppy after a short detour to The Clavicles -- as, as in the bones. This section is apparently name for the bones that is has claimed. We got to this section by accident. The start of Bearclaw Poppy was not clearly marked. Another cyclist was starting and we followed him. We did a few very steep rollers and I spent a lot of time escorting my bike rather than riding this. (Please keep in mind that this is Day 2 of my mountain biking career!) I became increasingly frustrated and finally said, "I can't do this. We have to find another trail." After that, we did find a saner section and discovered that was Bearclaw Poppy, trail markings and all! We proceeded from there.

Of course, DH never said anything like, "I'm sorry that I took you on that bone breaking section on your second time out mountain biking." Nope. Nothing like that.

Anyway, we road Bearclaw Poppy out about 7.5 miles, mostly climbing. The grade wasn't that steep and the surface was good -- mostly packed gypsum. The views were very nice.

We tried to take the Bloomington Microloop back but it doesn't actually loop, from what we could tell. We ended up on a truly evil ATV access road. We went back and did some more of Bearclaw Poppy and eded up with a total of 15 miles or so. We spent about two hours and 45 minutes on the bikes with plenty of stops.

Once we got there, we found out that most of the locals start at a different trailhead and ride down Bearclaw Poppy; pedaling optional. Lazy butts. The climbing wasn't bad a tall.

After PB&J, DH wanted to look for the DQ symbol. We did and he had a Blizzard -- peanut butter cup, of course!

After heading back to the hotel and cleaning up, we elected to give Mr. Lucky's 24/7 at Hard Rock Casino a chance. I had heard that the Gambler's Special there was good as was the rest of the menu. We both ended up getting the Gambler's Special and it was good and kind of fun: salad, steak, three shrimp and mashed potatoes for $7.77.

After dinner we parked at Planet Hollywood and messed around on the Strip for while. Then we shared a hot fudge sundae at Ghiradelli's at the Harrah's Carnaval Court.

DH 1 fall -$22.00
Me 0 falls +$1.65

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