Monday, November 5, 2007

Starbucks card update

I contacted Starbucks about the Starbucks card issues that I experienced when travelling. I pointed out that the stores in question are listed on their website and that there is no astrisk or anything indicating that they do not accept Starbucks cards. As expected, they logged my complaint and politely told me to go away.

The customer server rep. explained that the corporate stores have different machines and only those ones accept their cards. I said that everyone should have the machines. The CSR said that stores in airports, hotels and grocery stores may or may not accept the card. She also directed me to their FAQ:

Your Starbucks Card is accepted at most Starbucks locations in North America and in select countries internationally ... At this time, the Starbucks Card is not accepted at all airport, grocery, bookstore, casino, university, and hotel locations; nor at stores in Puerto Rico or Guam.

So don't ass-u-me that just because it says that it's a Starbucks that their card will work! Silly me!

I vented and although nothing was done, I feel better about letting off some steam.

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